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With a maximum cutting depth of 18 mm (0.709 inch) together with high feed per tooth, CoroMill® 360 provides a productivity boost that is tough to beat, with minimum risk for failure and machine downtime.



  • Same tool body can use two different cassette types for insert with IC 19 mm (0.748 inch) and IC 28 mm (1.102 inch)
  • Exchangeable insert cassettes with serrated interfaces provide for safe, accurate location and easy handling
  • Separate cassettes for each insert size for use in the same cutter body reduces down time and inventory



  • Arbor or CIS Arbor mounted
  • Right- or left-hand tool design available
  • Unique cassette solution



  • Face milling
  • Diameter range: 160-500 mm (6.000-20.000 inch)
ISO application area




CoroMill® 360 is now available with steel milling grades GC4330 and GC4340 with Inveio® technology for improved tool life and increased process security.

Coromill® 360 milling grades GC4330 and GC4340


​Insert size 19 mm (0.748 inch) ​Insert size 28 mm (1.102 inch)

​Maximum cutting depth
13 mm (0.512 inch)

Maximum cutting depth
18 mm (0.709 inch)



Differential​ ​Even




Unique cassette solution
The unique cassette solution with wedge-clamped inserts gives high security and easy handling when indexing inserts. The same body is used for both cassette sizes. There is a separate wedge and cassette for respective insert size. When replacing ensure you have the correct size of each.


Product range

Diameter​ ​IC APMX
160-500 mm​ 19​ 13 mm​
6-20 inch​ 19​ 0.512 inch
160-500 mm​ 28​ 18 mm​
6-20 inch 28​ 0.709 inch​
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