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CoroMill® 365 is the essential tool for rough to semi-finish face milling of cast iron and steel components. Use the tool for large series production and applications where high metal removal rate is critical.



  • Inserts with ability to machine down to AP = 6 mm (0.236 inch)
  • Unique design with eight true cutting edges for high productivity machining to achieve low cost per component 
  • Multi-edge self-located insert provides robust and reliable machining
  • The higher density of inserts in the cutter body means that higher table feeds can be implemented to give exceptional manufacturing economy



  • Coromant Capto® coupling or Arbor mounted
  • Through coolant design
  • Right- or left-hand insert design available
  • Geometry and grade laser marked on the insert for easy identification
  • Wiper inserts for improved surface finish



  • Face milling cutter developed for machining in ISO K material, but also works well in ISO P and ISO H materials 
  • Diameter range: 40–250 mm (1.50–10.0 inch), 160–500 mm (12.0–18.0 inch) (Wedge clamp)
 ISO application area




CoroMill® 365 is now available with steel milling grade GC4330 with Inveio® technology for improved tool life and increased process security.

CoroMill® 365 milling grade GC4330


Insert size

Up to 6 mm (0.236 inch) depth of cut.

Wiper technology for improved surface quality
Two optional wiper inserts in neutral design are available for finishing.
  • Inserts with 4 mm (0.157 inch) wiper length have two right- and two left-hand edges.
  • Inserts with 8 mm (0.315 inch) wiper length have one right- and one left-hand edge.
To generate a good surface, it is important to ensure that the feed per revolution (fn = fz x zn) is less than 80% of the wiper length (bs 2). Naturally, the larger the diameter cutter, the greater the fn, which requires in turn a larger bs.





​Clamping of inserts

The tool design gives large support surface and optimal distribution of cutting forces.

Same insert used for wedge clamp and screw-down cutter bodies.
Wedge clamped
  • Larger diameter cutters with closer pitches give a high density of inserts
  • Cap version of cutter in diameter 250–500 mm (5.00–20.0 inch) to be quoted
  • For milling short-chipping materials with less need for large chip pockets
  • Extra rigid clamping of the inserts
Screw clamped
  • Smaller diameter cutters.
  • Primarily for milling ISO P materials.

​Product range

Standard assortment
Diameter​Holding System​APMX
40-60 mm​
Coromant Capto®
6.0 mm​
50-250 mm​Arbor6.0 mm
80-160 mm​CIS Arbor ​6.0 mm​
1.5-2.5 inchCoromant Capto®0.236 inch​
2.0-10 inch​Arbor​0.236 inch​


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