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CoroMill® 390

Performance: Lightweight CoroMill® 390 produced with additive manufacturing

A small reduction in distance and mass between the cutting edges and the Silent Tools™ damper can enable increased depth of cut and by that a significant productivity increase, when working with long overhangs.


Workpiece materialP2.5.Z.HT, hardness 290HB
OperationFace milling with big radial cutter engagements (80–100% of cutter diameter)
MachineOKUMA MA550-VB
Conventional CoroMill® 390 Lightweight CoroMill® 390
Tool materialSteelTitanium alloy
Tool diameter, mm5050
Weight, g (oz)317 (11.2)66 (2.33)
InsertR390-11T308M-PM 1130R390-11T308M-PM 1130
n rpm12731273
vc m/min (ft/min)200 (656)200 (656)
vf mm/min (in/min)573 (22.6)573 (22.6)
fz mm/z (in/z)0.15 (0.006)0.15 (0.006)
ap mm (inch)1.5 (0.059)4.5 (0.177)
ae mm (inch)50 (1.97)50 (1.97)
MRR cm3/min (in3/min)43 (2.62)129 (7.87)
Result: 200% increased productivity

Performance: Slot milling in steel

​A subcontractor’s productivity was limited by its end mill as the two-insert
cutter could only manage 2 mm (0.079 inch) cutting depth. When switching to a CoroMill 390 cutter with three size 07 inserts the cutting depth could be increased to 3 mm (0.118 inch). As bonus, the burr formation caused by the previous tool was nowhere to be seen when milling with the new cutter. The overall verdict: a double win for CoroMill 390 with increased productivity and tool life.


​Workpiece material​P2.1.Z.AN
Operation​Slot milling
Existing solution
​Insert​390R-070204M-PM 1130
vc m/min (ft/min)​200 (656.166)​150 (492.125)
vf mm/min (in/min)​900 (35.433)​600 (23.622)
hex mm (inch)​0.1 (0.004)​0.1 (0.004)
ap mm (inch)​3 (1.118)​2 (0.079)
ae mm (inch)​12 (0.472)​12 (0.472)
Time in cut, min3.765.5

Performance: CoroMill® 390 with size 07 inserts

​To achieve acceptable component quality, maximum cutting depth was restricted in this application. After switching to CoroMill 390 cutter with size 07 inserts, the cutting depth could be increased, generating higher productivity. With GC1130 inserts the tool life was improved by 47%, significantly reducing cost per component.


Component​Die and mold
​Workpiece material​P2.5.Z.HT
Operation​Slot and pocket milling
GC1130 ​Existing solution
​Insert​390R-070204M-PM 1130
n rpm​4005​3979
vc m/min (ft/min)​151 (495)​150 (492)
vf mm/min (in/min)​853 (33.583)​900 (35.433)
fz mm (inch)0.07 (0.003)​0.075 (0.003)
ap mm (inch)​1.5 (0.059)​1 (0.039)
ae mm (inch)​12 (0.472)12 (0.472)
Tool life44 minutes30 minutes

Performance: Slot and shoulder milling with long overhang

Unstable conditions with long overhang, combined with a forged surface and coolant were causing some challenges for the insert tool life in this application. Surface quality issues, caused by flaking of the coating, set the limitation on insert tool life. By exchanging the existing solution with GC1130 inserts, flaking was significantly reduced and 57% more components could be machined.


Component​Rear spindle
​Workpiece material​P2.5.Z.HT
Operation​Slot and pocket milling
GC1130 ​Existing solution
​Insert​R390-11 T3 08M-PM 1130
n rpm​24002400
vc m/min (ft/min)​151 (495)151 (495)
vf mm/min (in/min)​864 (34.016)​864 (34.016)
fz mm (inch)0.12 (0.005)0.12 (0.005)
ap mm (inch)3.5 (0.138)​3.5 (0.138)
ae mm (inch)20 (0.787)20 (0.787)
Tool life ​440 components ​280 components

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