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​​​CoroMill® 425 is a new finishing concept for cast iron face milling, specifically designed for the automotive business. The accurate and reliable adjustment system makes CoroMill 425 the easiest to use system on the market. It has eight cutting edges, and the same multi-edge inserts are used both as working inserts and as wiper inserts, mounted in the same position.



  • Easy to use
  • Eight cutting edges
  • Accurate and reliable adjustment system



  • Finish face milling in cast iron
  • Surface finish within the range Ra<1 micrometer and Rz​<10 micrometer, WT<10 micrometer (at recommended cutting data), and Rmax <15 micrometer
  • Materials: GCI, NCI, CGI
  • Main components:
    • Engine blocks
    • Cylinder heads
  • Other components: axle housings, brake carriers, crankcases


​How to overcome common challenges

Time consuming insert indexing
The wiper inserts are exchanged at the same time as the working inserts. The patented insert adjustment system provides reliable, accurate insert positioning. The system also allows to adjust the wiper up and down without loosening the cartridge clamping screw.

Frittering or burr on exit
The insert design with a 25° entering angle and different optimized chamfers helps to decrease frittering and burr formation.

Tool life
Grades GC1010 (dry) and K20W (wet) ensures a better tool life in CGI-material. Wiper and working inserts have the same tool life.



ISO application area


​Technical features

  • Eight cutting edges (four horizontal and wiper, plus four vertical)
  • Neutral insert IC17
  • Wiper radius 1250 mm (49.21 inches)
  • One geometry (E-KL)
  • Maximum depth of cut: 0.9 mm (0.035 inches)
  • fz: 0.1–0.3 mm (0.0039–0.0118 inches)
  • Grades: GC1010, GC1020, K20W, GC3220, GC3330



25° entering angle and different optimized chamfers to reduce frittering in cast iron. 

​Product assortment

 Diameter range100–254 mm (3.937–10.00 inch)
 Entering angle25°
 PitchM and H
 Left and right cuttersYes
 Metric and inchYes
 Internal coolantNo**

*Coromant Capto (HSK in inch) can be ordered through our Tailor Made service.
** If required, internal coolant can be ordered through our Tailor made service.


​Adjustable wiper inserts

CoroMill 425 is designed to allow for easily adjustable wiper inserts. You can adjust the wiper insert up and down without loosening the cartridge clamping screw.

Thanks to the design, the adjustment system is very stable and accurate. However, it can cause the wedge to stick to the cassette.

The first turn of screwdriver can sometimes require extra effort to release the wedge from the cassette.


Handling instruction


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