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CoroMill Plura solid carbide end mill for edging applications

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When to use

  • When shaping resin infused material; including CFRP, GRFP, aramid and other composite material

Benefits and features

  • Specialized grades for each application area
  • Grades have been optimized for long tool life and high productivity
  • High axial and radial rake for reduced delamination
  • Overlapping geometries resulting with smooth part surface finish
  • For use with and without coolant

Additional information

Available also in Tailor Made version within the Customized solutions range

Tool holding recommendation

Use CoroChuck™ 930 to maintain efficient production through quick and easy tool set-ups and changes

Edging + + +
Helical interpolation + +
Profile milling + + +
Ramping +
Shank Cylindrical
Face geometry
Grade 1630, O10A, 012M, 010M
ISO material
  • O


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