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CoroMill® Plura solid carbide end mill for high feed side milling

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When to use

  • First choice for CAM supported high feed side milling strategies
  • Excellent in roughing when good surface quality is needed

Benefits and features

Broad range
  • Specific solid carbide end mills designed for ISO P, ISO M and ISO S
  • Specific grade for ISO P, ISO M, ISO S
  • Distinct design and grade optimization for titanium alloys and HRSA
  • Internal coolant option available for titanium alloy machining
  • Wide assortment of radii and cutting length (from 2 up to 5×Dc)
Stable high feed side milling with low vibration: a dedicated design for each condition
  • Number of flutes optimized for each ISO material to guarantee optimal productivity and stability during high feed side milling operation
  • High precision edge and corner preparation specific for each ISO material
  • Rake angle and relief depending on ISO material
  • Features like conical core, unequal helix, differential pitch, 'form control' helix are applied depending on ISO material and cutting length
Unique technology features for titanium alloys
  • 1745 grade with patented coating
  • Patented cooling booster technology, associated with radial coolant option, designed to improve temperature control in the cutting area​
  • 'Form control' design on the 5xDc version, ideal for machining thin, high walls in a stable manner while yielding excellent surface finish

Tool holding recommendation

Use CoroChuck™ 930 to maintain efficient production through quick and easy tool set-ups and changes

Additional information

Available also in Tailor Made version within the Customized solutions range

Reconditioning service is available

CoroMill Plura HFS for Steel and Stainless Steel

Shoulder milling + + +
Pocket milling + + +
Helical interpolation + +
Ramping + +
Slot milling +
Plunging +
ISO material
  • P
  • M
  • S

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