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CoroMill® QD

Internal coolant

​The internal coolant solution provides great chip evacuation. By getting rid of chip issues, surface quality is improved and machining security ensured. Internal coolant also helps regulate the heat at the cutting zone, which is especially beneficial for ISO S materials.

Optimized milling inserts

​Optimized milling grades and E-tolerance inserts for controlled chip evacuation, high-quality grooves with tight tolerances and long, predictable tool life.

Easy handling

​The quick-release key ensures correct clamping force. This user-friendly solution prevents wear on the insert seats caused by changing inserts. Insert position is always stable and precise, providing great groove quality and machining security over time.

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Tilted insert seats

Tilted insert seats with a rail stabilize the insert and eliminate the risk of inserts flying out of the insert seat, a potential problem at high cutting speed when using cutters with poor clamping solutions.

Silent Tools

With damped Silent Tools™ adaptors you get the required reach and vibration can be kept at bay up to six times bar diameter.

High-security groove milling

Learn more about how CoroMill® QD can solve your groove milling challenges.

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Application area

  • ​Deep grooving and parting off
  • External and internal machining
  • Roughing to finishing

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Extensive tool holding options available

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys

Product range

Disc cutter

​Diameter with coolant: 63–160 mm (2.5–6 inch)
Diameter without coolant: 63–315 mm 2.5–12 inch).

Cylindrical shank cutter

​Minimum cutter diameter 63 mm (2.5 inch).
Available with through and non-through coolant.


Available in steel milling grades GC1130 with Zertivo® technology and GC4340 with Inveio® technology for long and predictable tool life.

Driving collars

By using driving collars for extra stability, groove milling with high cutting depth/width ratio (exceeding 15) can be performed with maintained excellent quality. Smaller driving collars can be used together with face mill adaptors in large machining centres as a cost-efficient solution.

Tool holding

​With the extensive tool holding solutions available for
CoroMill® QD, you are set to overcome machining challenges in any machine type, for most machine tool interfaces and component features.

Tailor Made

Specify your own dimensions without ordering special tools with our Tailor Made service. Options include cutter bodies, adaptors, grades and geometries that are designed for your specific component manufacturing needs. View the Tailor made offer

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Unique four-channel coolant delivery from adaptors to the cutter, enabling the use of internal coolant.

Unmatched reliability with internal coolant

The main challenge in groove milling is usually chip evacuation. Chip issues often harm production efficiency, lower component quality or cause tool breakage, especially when machining narrow and deep grooves.

CoroMill® QD is the first cutter of its kind that features internal coolant. The chips are deformed by the insert geometry to a more narrow shape and then flushed out by the coolant, saving valuable tools and production time.


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Chip evacuation

Experience the difference when machining with and without coolant.

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Hear the difference

See how using Silent Tools™ adaptors significantly reduces vibration when groove milling with long overhang.

New grade optimized for steel milling

CoroMill® QD is now available with CVD grade GC4340 with Inveio® technology for improved tool life and increased process security.

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