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​CoroMill® S-60 is a close-pitch cutter for machining in cast iron. The close pitch and high number of cutting edges increase productivity and reduce costs. 



  • Close and extra-close pitch cutters for great productivity and long tool life
  • Low production costs
  • Short set-up time
  • Wiper option for brilliant surface finish
  • Easy to handle, no need to remove screws when indexing insert



  • 12 true cutting edges per insert
  • Internal coolant optional, by central screw
  • Wiper geometries available with left- and right hand edges
  • Wide geometry and grade assortment



  • Face milling
  • Standard diameter range 80–250 mm (3.15–9.84 inch)
  • Geometries for roughing to finishing operations
  • Automotive, energy and general engineering
ISO application area







​Product range

Diameter, mm​ Coupling type ​ Pitch type​
80–250 ​ Arbor​ Close (H) and extra-close (HX)​

 Special offer available on request, please contact your Sandvik Coromant sales representative.

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