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CoroPlex® MT is a combination of two winning concepts in one – CoroMill® 390 and CoroTurn® 107. It is either applied rotating as an efficient tool for milling applications, or indexed in a number of optional positions for stationary turning, external and internal, using two different CoroTurn 107® inserts.



  • One milling and four turning tools in one
  • Reduced tool changing time
  • Saves tool pockets in tool magazine
  • Stationary application as a turning tool, external or internal



  • Quick change and modularity with Coromant Capto®
  • Modularity with SL couplings
  • High pressure coolant
  • Two inserts in the same tool
  • Increased number of tool positions



  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials
Machining as a CoroTurn 107 tool:
  • Face and longitudinal turning, entering angle 95°
  • Profiling, entering angle 93°
  • Internal turning, entering angle 93° or 95°


​Face and longitudinal turning


​Internal Turning

Machining as a CoroMill 390 cutter:
  • Shoulder milling, 90°
  • Internal helical milling
  • Turn milling


​Shoulder milling

​Circular interpolation in helix

​Turn milling

ISO application area


One tool for both rotating and stationary use

The CoroMill 390 inserts are positioned slightly ahead of the CoroTurn inserts – axially as well as radially – to guarantee that turning inserts are not in cut when the tool is applied rotating. It is therefore necessary, when internal turning of a blind hole, to stop feed and rotation before the CoroMill 390 inserts get in contact with bottom face.

Tool lengths optimized for accessibility in multi-tasking

The tool bodies are extended by 65 mm compared to corresponding conventional tools, to allow freer use of the working positions possible in multi-task machining, without need for extensions. Length and design of the tool body are optimized for each Coromant Capto size to provide best accessibility relative to most common chuck sizes. The tool is designed with all inserts positioned on the center line of the tool, to be easy to use together with the standard program cycles in the machine tools.


Recommended insert styles for each tool position

Turning ​ ​ Milling
CCMT, rhombic
80° - 09 and 12 mm​
Insert size -11 and -18​
DCMT, rhombic
55° - 07 and 11 mm​
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