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Build your own optimized multi-functional tool by combining a Coromant Capto® tool adaptor, a CoroPlex™ SL mini-turret adaptor and your choice of four cutting heads and blades for turning, threading, and grooving operations.



  • Four turning tools in one
  • Reduces tool changing time
  • Saves tool pockets in tool magazine



  • Quick change and modularity with Coromant Capto
  • Flexible and modular SL tooling system with exceptional strength in the coupling, gives the opportunity to build a large variation of tools and reduce inventory. Cutting heads available for general turning, threading, and parting and grooving operation
  • For maximum flexibility, the CoroPlex SL mini-turret adaptors are available in both radial and axial versions. The axial adaptors are also available as solid tools for increased stability
  • Combine with CoroThread® and CoroCut® for a broad modular capability in threading and grooving operations


  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials
ISO application area:


CoroPlex SL axial mini-turret
Turning with B-axis at 0°. This is a good alternative when the machine has limited X-axis stroke. ​
The mini-turret can be used as a boring bar.
CoroPlex SL radial mini-turret
Turning with B-axis at 95°. A good alternative when the machine has limited z-axis stroke.​
The B-axis set at 95° provides clearance for opposite tool.
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