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CoroPlex TT is a twin tool with great flexibility. With two turning inserts on the same tool, substantial tool changing time is saved. CoroPlex TT gives you a variety of solutions for most turning operations.


  • One milling and four turning tools in one
  • Reduced tool changing time
  • Saves tool pockets in tool magazine


  • Flexible tool holders optimized in length, stability
  • Coolant solution for multi-task machines
  • Quick change and modularity with Coromant Capto®
  • CoroTurn® RC insert clamping system with wide flexibility


  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials

ISO application area


Flexibility with multi-task machining

  1. 45° CoroTurn® 107​ single tool​
  2. ​45° CoroTurn® RC​ single tool
  3. 45° CoroPlex TT twin tool​
  4. 45° CoroPlex TT twin tool​​
  5. 0°   CoroPlex TT twin tool​​
  6. 90° CoroPlex twin tool



To apply the twin tool, move the Y-axis the distance, so that the insert will cut on the center line of the work piece. When working against a sub-spindle, the Y-axis must be offset in the opposite direction in relation to the main spindle. 

CNMG, rhombic 80°

12 and 16 mm
(0.472 and 0.629 inch)


​DNMG, rhombic 55°

15 mm
(0.590 inch)




​CNMG, rhombic 80° 
12 and 16 mm
(0.472 and 0.629 inch)



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