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CoroPlus® Connected

Automation in machining

CoroPlus® Connected enables automation through data-driven decisions and initiates actions to ensure component quality and improve efficiency, with the ambition to eliminate machine downtime.

CoroPlus® Connected 


✓  Rapid automated decisions

✓  Secure dimensions and surface quality

✓  Process security

✓  Short set-up times

CoroPlus® Connected Technology 



CoroPlus® Connected uses standardized hardware and PLC interface for secure and high-speed machine connectivity.

The user interface is integrated in the CNC controller or on a nearby connected device, depending on user needs. The machine control access enables rapid commands and process adjustments.

A dedicated antenna ensures a stable and secure wireless communication with digital cutting tools.

CoroPlus® Connected enables additional features of the digital tooling solution Silent Tools™ Plus:

  • Overload protection
  • Vibration protection
  • Temperature protection

Coming soon

CoroPlus® Connec​ted will be available through selected machine tool partners. Check back later for more information.​

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