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CoroPlus® Machining Insights

From data to actions

Get instant access to data about your machine- and tool utilization, increased transparency and the opportunity to optimize your production processes.

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Configure dashboard and reports, set watcher rules and create tickets for improvements.

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Gain insights to your workshop

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Planning for availability in your workshop requires transparency into all operations. While manual collection of data and documentation becomes tedious and time-consuming, a connected machine will offer new possibilities for transparency, optimized planning and a streamlined production. These are only a few examples of the benefits created in the organization:

  • Plant management: Increase overall efficiency and meet delivery demands with quality and profitability.
  • Production engineering: Improve processes, facilitate capacity planning and secure that operations are carried out in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Production management: Optimize operations and collaboration within workshops and between factories in order to reduce cost.
  • Operators: Feedback and contribute to insights for optimization of the manufacturing process and machine operations.


Operator input through operator panel close to machine.

1. Collect data

Uncover opportunities for improvements and a deeper, more accurate, understanding of the manufacturing process with data directly from your machines.

Add information directly from the operator on why a machine is not cutting metal to further improve understanding of stop causes and process performance.

Dashboard available through browser.

2. Get insights

Get insights on your machine utilization and performance with reports consisting of real-time and historical data. With access to data about when a machine is running and not, stop causes, faults and alarm reasons it is possible to gain insights into optimization opportunities. Improvements in resource planning, asset management and cost and time prediction are enabled through insights facilitated through dashboards that accessible a browser on any device.

Tickets and tasks for follow up and optimization.

3. Take actions

Utilize tickets to improve communication throughout the workshop and take action on opportunities to optimize activities. This collaboration functionality enables actions with follow-up, problem solving, process improvement and act with speed in a collaborative environment.

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Live demonstration

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Monitoring of machine tool and cutting tool explained.


Machine utilization dashboards

Machine utilization dashboards

Shop floor operations is visualized in real time, where production events and disruptions are highlighted. Equipment utilization, part production, workforce productivity and asset health are monitored and easily managed.

Performance reports

Historic shop floor performance is visualized; production insights, set-up time and unplanned as well as planned downtime duration.

Connect to other systems through APIs

Information exchange is enabled with enterprise applications, including ERP, EAM and MES systems using APIs.​

Operator panel for input

Configurable panels enable operators to classify downtime reasons and improve shop floor communication. Comments can be added and tickets can be created.

Operator instructions

Work instructions contained in a knowledge base are provided to operators at any stage of the machining process. Instructions can be automatically trigged by an event in the machine.

Alerts for unattended machining

Notifications are sent to defined functions when an unattended machine needs attention. Alerts are triggered based on deviances from set process parameters.

Tool performance reports

Historic tool utilization is visualized; cutting duration per workpiece and machine.


Tickets and improvement areas are documented and shared according to customizable rules. Notifications are sent by e-mail.

Included in the offer

When using CoroPlus® MachiningInsights, your machines are connected and deliver data 24/7.


Collect data from your machines for performance improvement.


Engage operators to gain deeper insights and enable support for unmanned machining.


Enable performance improvements of your entire operations: machines, programs, tools and employees.

Machine utilization dashboards
Performance reports
Connect to other systems through APIs
Operator panel for input
Operator instructions
Alerts for unattended machining
Tool performance reports
Configurable dashboards and historical reports

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How it works

The solution is deployed as a cloud-based application without any hardware installations. It is accessible from any tablet, phone or computer with an internet connection.

Most machines younger than 10 years old can be connected with the solution. For details, consult you local Sandvik Coromant representative. The machines need to be connected to an Ethernet factory network with a server. Data is collected from the machines via the factory network.

A software program is installed on for example a factory server provided. The software program collects data from machines via the factory network which is then streamed as compressed data to the platform in the cloud.

The connection between the factory and the platform located in the cloud is provided by a Secure Shell (SSH) connection that is encrypted and compressed for efficiency. The SSH connection can be encrypted with a private key that is generated by the user. Users can also apply their key rotation policies to ensure further security.

Users access the application using any modern and up-to-date web browsers. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


The first introduction of CoroPlus® MachiningInsights is available in the countries marked with yellow color in the map below.


The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

CoroPlus® ToolGuide

Find the cutting tool for your specific task and get instant cutting data recommendations for your operations.

Latest cutting tools and solutions

Take a look at our latest launch of advanced cutting tools and solutions and find out how you can further improve your production results.

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