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CoroPlus® ProcessControl

Avoid costly repairs and scrapping

Collision detector is a reliable solution that will help you avoid or minimize machine tool and workpiece damage in case of a collision.

The solution is installed inside the machine tool and connected to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and will detect a collision and react within 5 milliseconds to stop the machine.

Key benefits

  • Less unplanned machine downtime
  • Reduced cost per piece
  • Consistent quality of the component produced
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

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Limit comparison for collision detection

For collision detection on turning machines, a force sensor is integrated between the spindle and the interface of the revolver or tool holder and slide. The machining force strikes out in the event of a collision or process degeneration. If this signal exceeds the adjustable monitoring overload limit the system will react, and the direct digital output enables the fastest machine stop possible. For collision detection on machining centres, it is possible to use a vibration sensor on the spindle.

Example applications

Holistic collision detection

To prevent production of rejects, the manufacturer requires a system that monitors the process and stops the machine quickly in case of collision. The collision detector solution enables efficient machine protection. Due to the fast signal evaluation, the machine can be stopped within five milliseconds in case of a collision.

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