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CoroPlus® ProcessControl

Collision detector

Detect collisions and automatically stop machining to avoid costly machine tool repair.

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Tool guard

Monitor your cutting tool performance to maximize process security.

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Contact a sales representative to get started with CoroPlus® ProcessControl

Without proper machining monitoring in the workshop, unwanted deviances from expected results can cause damage to your cutting tools, your machine tool and/or your workpiece. CoroPlus® ProcessControl monitoring system increases the overall in-cut process stability and security, ultimately enabling you to become more productive and profitable.

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Complete package offer

Find more information about the different hardware included in the offers:

Technical consultancy

Defining the optimal process control solution always requires an analysis of your needs. Therefore, our offer starts with a discussion with a Sandvik Coromant engineer, enabling us to tailor a solution that will meet your specific requirements.


Our offer includes a mix of different hardware and software:

  • Monitoring devices to be mounted in the machine tool’s electricity cabinet, close to the PLC
  • Industrial sensors optimized for specific tasks, to be installed close to the machining
  • Software for installation on the NC control and the machine HMI
  • Some installations require a separate operator panel module

Installation and support

Our engineers will install and set-up all required infrastructure, according to our agreement with you. After installation, our engineers and customer service will be able to assist you on site or via other channels when needed.

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Technical documentation

Find more information about the different hardware included in the offers:

VBS 50 AR & RR
Acceleration sensors

VBS 50 Micro A & R
Acceleration sensors

VBS 100 AR & RR
Acceleration sensors

Measuring Wedge
Piezoelectric force sensors

OPM 21 monitor
Operating module

Find your process control solution

Explore what the Collision detector, Tool guard or Machine health inspector can do for your business. All solutions are available both for your new machine tool investment or for installation in your current machine set-up.


Availability of the CoroPlus® ProcessControl offer



The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

CoroPlus® ToolGuide

Find the cutting tool for your specific task and get instant cutting data recommendations for your operations.

Latest cutting tools and solutions

Take a look at our latest launch of advanced cutting tools and solutions and find out how you can further improve your production results.

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