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CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

Download and install ToolLibrary

Install CoroPlus® ToolLibrary for free. Registration is required.


You can also try our online tool assembler.

Click here for support.

Tool data

Sandvik Coromant tool data is available to you free of charge. Registration is required.

Download tool data

Get connected

Create and use your tool assemblies in your current workflow. CoroPlus® ToolLibrary is integrated in several partners​’ solutions.

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Increase your efficiency

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary helps you create and export tool assemblies to your CAM, simulation or tool management software.

The workflow is based on standardized tool data that lets you work with tools from any supplier that provides an ISO 13399 catalogue.

If your workstation is online, your catalogues can be set to be synchronized automatically. When you are working offline, your catalogues are stored locally.

The cutting data – feeds and speeds – for Sandvik Coromant tools are made available through CoroPlus® ToolGuide.

Find your connections

Creating true value in the digital workshop is not made through working alone. T​herefore, Sandvik Coromant engages in multiple partnerships with CAM software and tool management system suppliers to bring assembly functionality and tool recommendations closer to your workflow.

Ask your software supplier for more information.

Work with multiple tool suppliers

Tool data catalogues from Sandvik Coromant and other suppliers are available through Tools United.

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary is made available through an open API (Application Programming Interface) connection. Do you want to become a partner and integrate CoroPlus® ToolLibrary in your software?

Click ​​here to send us an e-mail.​



The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

CoroPlus® ToolGuide

Find the cutting tool for your specific task and get instant cutting data recommendations for your operations.

Software on the cutting edge

One of the oldest businesses in the CAD/CAM industry, CNC Software Inc. has partnered with Sandvik Coromant to roll out the CoroPlus® ToolGuide and CoroPlus® ToolLibrary innovations to its customers.

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