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InvoMilling® CAD/CAM software

InvoMilling® is a process for machining external gears, splines and straight bevel gears with unmatched flexibility, making it very attractive for small batch production and when short lead times are crucial. The solution benefits from multi-task machines and machining centres capability to produce many different gear profiles with the same set of tools.

Key benefits

  • Complete components in one machine and one set-up
  • Updated InvoMilling® 2.0 software developed for quick and easy CNC programming and flexible gear milling
  • InvoMilling® is available with standard CoroMill® 161 and CoroMill® 162 tools – no need for extensive delivery times of engineered gear milling tools


  • External gears and splines
  • Double helical gears, herringbone gears and straight bevel gears
  • With or without flank corrections
  • Module range: 0.8‒100
  • Roughing to finishing
  • Small to medium batch production

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How to use

Watch the film and see how to generate a finished CNC program with the InvoMilling® CAD/CAM software in three easy steps:

  1. Define your gear geometry by importing the gear data from your component drawing.
  2. Choose your machining strategy, add roughing and finishing operations and select tools to be used from the tool library.
  3. Simulate the machining process to verify tool paths before automatically generating a CNC program for your machine.

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Standard precision cutters

Combine the InvoMilling® 2.0 software with the dedicated precision standard cutters CoroMill® 161 and CoroMill® 162 for flexible gear manufacturing with short lead times.

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Creating InvoMilling®

What constitutes a creative mind? When it comes to innovation, a passion to develop is the driving force.

Gearing up for innovative manufacturing

Learn how a British factory helps to bridge the ‘valley of death’ between invention and production, using InvoMilling®.

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