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CoroPlus® Tool Path


SpiroGrooving™ is a unique solution for secure and productive machining of seal ring grooves on non-rotating components. The complete package for the machining method includes tools and the SpiroGrooving™ code generator, which generates your CNC code in a few simple steps.

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Key benefits

  • Considerably reduced cutting time through higher cutting data
  • Very high process security – the SpiroGrooving™ tool path provides excellent chip control and constant chip thickness
  • Wide application flexibility with minimized tool inventory based on the CoroBore® XL system
  • Quick and easy programming with the unique CNC code generator


SpiroGrooving™ is ideal for machining of API seal ring grooves. These grooves are critical and complex features in several oil and gas components. High component value and difficult-to-machine material make process security essential.

How it works

SpiroGrooving™ uses a circular spirograph tool movement in a taper. This reduces chip thickness, enabling light cutting action and increased feed. Parts of the insert cutting edge have an interrupted cutting behaviour, eliminating long chips tangling to the tool and spindle.

The CNC code generator calculates the SpiroGrooving™ tool path based on a few input parameters, such as groove diameter, process pitch and chosen maximum chip thickness. Tool presetting is done in a few quick steps.

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CoroBore® XL

The modular CoroBore® XL system lets you use the same tool for all types of seal ring grooves, which requires less inventory and lower investment costs.

White paper

Grasp all the technical details about SpiroGrooving™.

Handling instruction

Learn more about setting the CoroBore® XL tools for SpiroGrooving™.

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