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With a complete tapping programme covering all thread profiles and material groups, Sandvik Coromant offers two tapping ranges: optimized for ISO-specific materials and optimized for flexibility. 

CoroTap™ optimized for ISO-specific materials is the solution for high batch quantities, when tapping the same component in the same material or when there are specific application requirements. 

CoroTap™ -XM optimized for flexibility is the solution when tapping small to medium batch quantities and when there is a variation of components in a wide range of materials. 



CoroTap for ISO-specific materials:
  • High productivity and long tool life
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Highly efficient machining process
  • Increased productivity through higher cutting speeds
  • Optimum performance through material-specific designs and coatings  

CoroTap for flexibility:

  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Reduces tool inventory and minimizes costs
  • Provides long consistent tool life
  • Offers a stable machining process due to unique cutting geometry


Depending on your specific hole requirements, there are four different CoroTap families.

CoroTap™ families

CoroTap™ 100
  • Taps with straight flutes
  • Mainly used for short chipping materials like cast iron
  • Suitable for both through and blind holes
  • Flute mainly used for cutting fluid but with internal coolant, chip evacuation is also possible​
CoroTap™ 200
  • Taps with spiral point grinding
  • Pushes the chips forward
  • Used for through holes
  • Strongest design due to shallow flutes
  • Flute only used for cutting fluid, not for chip evacuation​
CoroTap™ 300
  • Taps with spiral flute grinding
  • The spiral flute transports the chips out of the hole
  • Best option for blind holes
  • Different helix angle for different applications
  • Flute used for both cutting fluid and chip evacuation
  • Different threading depths due to application and geometry​
CoroTap™ 400
  • Taps that form the thread instead of cutting
  • A chip-free solution
  • All materials not suitable since there is need of certain ductility. Recom-mended tensile strength limit is 1200 N/mm2
  • For both through and blind holes
  • Available with and without oil grooves​


Use CoroChuck™ 970 for synchronized tapping as a first choice. The  versatile CoroChuck 970 is designed for a stable and precise tapping process in all materials. It improves tap tool life, surface quality and offers the highest process security. 

  • Synchronized tapping reduces thrust force on tap flanks
  • Accurate depth thanks to limited axial compensation
  • Improved design for internal coolant
  • Suitable for high pressure coolant up to 80 bar (1160 psi)
  • More back-ends to fit your machine



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