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CoroTurn® 300

Effective and high-quality turning

Customer case

​Industry segment​Automotive ​ ​Tool life, pcs
​Operation​External axial and facing ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Time in cut (min/component)​1.19 ​ ​
​Component​Outer CV joint ​ ​
​Workpiece material​Forged low-alloy steel, P2.1.Z.AN ​ ​
​Coolant pressure​3 bar (43.5 psi) ​ ​
Cutting data ​ ​
vc m/min (ft/min)​350 (1148) ​ ​
fn mm/r (inch/rev)​0.35 (.014) ​ ​
​L4, GC4325 with over/under coolant ​L4, GC4325 with under coolant
ap mm (inch)​2.5  (.10) ​ ​
ResultWNMG 080408-PF 4325CoroTurn 3001CoroTurn 3002
​Tool holder​C4-DWLNL-27050-08 ​C4-3-80-LL27055-10C​C4-3-80-LL27055-10C
​Tool life, pcs923​27​
​Reason for tool change​Pre-determined no of components​Pre-determined no of components​Pre-determined no of components
1 over and under coolant, 2 under coolant only​ ​ ​
​​When changing from the -PF geometry and standard holder to CoroTurn 300 with -L4 geometry it gave 156% increase in tool life when using over- and under coolant and remarkable 200% when using under coolant only.

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