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CoroTurn® SL

Choose a suitable adaptor

There are several adaptive items and tool holding options to choose from. If working with long overhangs or want to increase productivity, consider a Silent Tools™ damped boring bar.

Choose shortest possible overhang

For best performance of your CoroTurn SL tool, always choose the shortest possible overhang.

Select suitable cutting head

Choose cutting head that fits your application (recommendations below). Consider SL70 interface for profiling or pocketing of large components or difficult-to-reach features.

Always use the right torque

Use correct tightening torque when mounting the cutting head.

  • SL size: Torque, Nm (lbs)
  • 16: 2 Nm (17.7 lbs)
  • 20: 2.8 Nm (24.8 lbs)
  • 25: 3.7 Nm (32.7 lbs)
  • 32: 8.8 Nm (77.9 lbs)
  • 40: 17 Nm (150 lbs)

Use a device for correct centre height

To set correct centre height of cylindrical CoroTurn SL boring bars, use a setting tool following these steps:

  • Attach to bar using serrated edge
  • Twist bar to get the correct centre height
  • When the bubble is in correct position the bar is parallel and ready to use

Cutting head maintenance

For best tool performance, check the insert seat so it hasn´t been damaged during machining or handling. Remember to check and clean the coupling between cutting head and bar when changing cutting head.

Application tips

Minimize vibration with Silent Tools™

You can’t avoid vibration entirely in metal cutting operations, but there are several ways to reduce it. This Silent Tools™ application guide will help you achieve productive machining with minimized vibration.

Turning tool set-up

Learn what to think about when working with long overhangs and how to get an optimal tool set-up.

Machine tools and tooling considerations

Find out how to choose the right spindle interface depending on machine and tooling system considerations and get the most out of your machine.

Tips for internal grooving

Long overhangs and poor chip evacuation are two of the challenges with internal grooving. Long overhangs can cause problems with both deflection and vibration while vibrations and poor chip evacuation can cause insert breakages


Cutting head recommendations

Get our recommendations for which cutting head to use depending on application. Click on links to learn more about respective product family.



  • CoroCut® 1-2 for versatile grooving, system includes SL70 cutting heads for machining complex components
  • CoroCut® QD first choice for deep grooving on larger components

Face grooving

Thread turning

View CoroTurn SL cutting head assortment here

Adaptor system recommendations

  • CoroPlex® SL mini-turret – four turning tools in one for turning, grooving or threading
  • CoroBore 825 SL for face grooving on non-rotating components

Spare part recommendations

Hexagon key boxes

For tightening the hexagon screws on CoroTurn SL cutting heads there are hexagon key boxes, both metric and inch version.

Torque wrenches

It is important to have the correct insert tightening torque, these are the torque wrenches available in our assortment.

Torque wrench Torque range Handle
Nm In-lbs
5680 105-01 0.3-1.2 Straight
5680 105-02 1.2-3.0 Straight
5680 105-05 3.0-6.0 Angled
5680 105-06 4.0-8.8 Angled
5680 105-03 2.5-11.5 Straight
5680 105-04 11.0-26.0 Straight
5680 105-07 26.0-55.0 Angled
5680 105-08 35.4-78.0 Angled
5680 099-01 3-15   Angled
C-TK-01M 20-100   Angled

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