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CoroTurn® TR

Precision hard part turning with CoroTurn® TR

Challenge The customer needed to develop an efficient solution for the external precision hard part turning. The aim was to achieve the surface finish and process capability within acceptable cost parameters.

  • Lower cost per component and better process capability
  • Consistent quality maintaining close tolerances as compared to other tools
  • Improved tool life, from 70 to 200 pieces per edge
  • Increased productivity by 31%
Operation External precision hard part turning
Component Tripod (Spider)
Material 16 MnCrS5 (58 – 62 HRc)
Tool TR-SL-D13UCR-25
Insert TR-DC1308S01020F 7015


CoroTurn TR Competitor
vc m/min (ft/min)140 (459)150 (492)
fn mm/rev (inch/rev) 0.07 (0.002)0.05 (0.0019)
ap mm (inch)0.3 (0.011)0.3 (0.011)
Surface finish (Ra)0.50.5
Tool life (pcs)20070
Time in cut (min)61.1627.97
Metal removal (Q)2.942.25

Profiling with CoroTurn TR, QS shanks

When changing to the CoroTurn® TR QS shanks, a customer could machine a remarkable number of components. As a result of implementing internal over- and under coolant, significant improvements were experienced both at high and low coolant pressures.

Workpiece material Stainless steel, M1.0.Z.AQ (200 HB)
Cutting tool, insert QS-TR-D13JCR 2020HP, D1308 2025
vc m/min (ft/min) 200 (3.94)
fn mm/r (in/rev) 0.18 (0.007)

Results CoroTurn TR CoroTurn TR Competitor
Coolant, bar (psi)50 (725)8 (116)External
Tool life, pcs470340190

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