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To achieve the highest quality of profiles, the key is to prevent cutting forces from causing micro-movements of the insert. The stable iLock interface of CoroTurn® TR is developed to bridge this challenge, making it your first choice for external profiling.



High precision components and process security

  • Stable insert clamping (iLock) ensures good repeatability and accuracy while allowing for high cutting data
  • High precision coolant improves chip control and tool life

Handling efficiency with QS shanks and Coromant Capto®

  • Easy coolant connection and tool changes with plug and play adaptors or QS stops (QS shanks)




CoroTurn TR QS shanks with over- and under coolant give secure and efficient profiling in turning centres or large sliding head machines.

See the test results



iLock™ for insert locking precision

The T-rail on the holder and corresponding groove on the insert lock the insert precisely and securely with a screw. This prevents insert movement and ensures

  • High stability and tolerances
  • Indexing repeatability
  • Insert location accuracy within ±0.05 mm (±+0.002 inch)

Different tooling options with high precision coolant are available, see product details.



  • First choice for external profiling
  • Longitudinal turning
  • Medium and finishing applications
  • Turning centres, multi-task machining and large sliding head machines



ISO application area


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