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CoroTurn® TR



Using a clamping unit for QS-shanks in the turret, the tool stability is maximized and coolant is supplied through the coupling without any need for hoses.

Rear tube connection

The hose kits can be connected directly to the threaded hole in the rear of the shank.

Front, underneath connection

The screw underneath the front can be unthreaded and replaced by the coolant adaptor to connect with the hose kits.

Rear tube connection with a QS-stop

Fasten the tube in the rear of the shank for plug and play-functionality. Fasten the QS-stop in the turret and connect the hose kits to the QS-stop. This ensures fixed position of the shank and coolant supply through the coupling.

Insert seat

Clean and inspect insert seat for damaged locations and support for cutting edge.

Spare parts

Apply sufficient screw lubrication to prevent seizure. Lubricant should be applied to the screw thread as well as the screw head face.

Contact faces

Check supporting and contact faces, making sure there is no damage or dirt.


In boring operations, it is important to have the best possible clamping. If not supported, overhang will be increased and might create vibration.

​Application tips

Over and under coolant: when to use what?

Using precision over and under coolant is an effective way to overcome chip control challenges and increase tool life. Find out how to apply coolant correctly and other useful coolant recommendations that can improve performance in turning operations.


Insert and system

External longitudinal turning
Finishing Medium
Insert shape D D
Insert size 13 13
Entering angle 93° 93°
Clamping Screw Screw
External profiling
Finishing Medium
13 13
93° 93°
Screw Screw
Internal profiling
Finishing Medium
Insert shape V D
Insert size 13 13
Entering angle 95° 93°
Clamping Screw Screw
>40 >40

Insert grade

Machining conditions P M K S H
Good GC4315 GC2220 H13A GC1105 CB7115
Average GC4325 GC2025 H13A GC1115 CB7125
Difficult GC4335 GC1125 H13A GC1125 CB7125

Insert geometry

Operation P M K S H
Finishing -F -F -F -F S01020
Medium -M -M -M -M S01020

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