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CoroTurn® TR

Stable insert clamping

Tools with iLock® design have rails or serrations on the tool holder and corresponding slots on the insert for a tight locking. This prevents the cutting forces from affecting the tool position and ensures:

  • High stability and tolerances
  • Indexing repeatability
  • Insert location accuracy within ±0.05 mm (±0.002 inch)

Chip control and process security

Pre-directed precision nozzles create laminar jets of over and under coolant with high velocity, directed at the right place of the insert edge. It is the precision and character of these jets that make the difference in terms of chip control and process security.

Handling efficiency

The coolant is easily connected thanks to support from a large assortment of plug and play adaptors including Coromant Capto®, VDI and machine specific adaptors for turning centres and QS™ stops (QS™ shanks) for sliding head machines.

Find your tool and buy


  • First choice for external profiling
  • Longitudinal turning
  • Medium and finishing applications
  • Turning centres, multi-task machining and large sliding head machines
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

Coromant Capto®

Sizes: C4, C5, C6, C7 and C8

Shank tools

Sizes: 1616 (10 inch), 2020 (12 inch), 2525 (16 inch), 3225 (1 1/4 inch)

QS™ shanks

Sizes: 2020 (12) and 2525 (16)

CoroTurn® SL heads

Sizes: 25, 32 and 40


  • D style (55º) inserts for medium and finishing applications and V style (35º) inserts for finishing.
CoroTurn® TR

Tool description

To achieve the highest profile quality, the key is to prevent cutting forces from causing micro-movements of the insert. The stable iLock® interface of CoroTurn® TR is developed to bridge this challenge, making it your first choice for external profiling.


Turning the gear wheel

Achieving the right dimensions and tolerances in the soft stage is vital to succeed in the subsequent hard turning stage. Use CoroTurn® TR with iLock® design for stability and resistance towards insert movement. Combine with Coromant Capto® for unmatched stability all the way from the turret to the cutting edge.

Struggling to find the right tool?

Let CoroPlus® ToolGuide help with quick and accurate tool recommendations, available on all your devices.

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