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Multiple disc cutters Multiple disc cutters for gears, racks and pinions

​​​​​These tools are designed for productive​ machining of large gear wheels.

Available in CoroMill® 170 and CoroMill® 172 design.

​Benefits and application

  • Productive alternative for large gears and pinions
  • Both internal and external gears are possible
  • Multiple-disc cutters mounted together for rack milling

Double disc cutter machining external gears. 

​​​​​​Achieve greatness with optimized rack milling solutions

​These rack milling solutions are based on the concept of CoroMill® 172 but is optimized for rack milling processes in terms of number of cutting teeth and number of stacks. They are engineered solutions designed to achieve greatness when machining modules between M3.5–M10 in special rack milling machines.



  • Good performance in hard machining
  • Capability to machine different profiles with one cutter body
  • Easy handling and good repeatability
  • No handling costs like re-coating and re-grinding


Double disc cutters are roughing tools that machine two tooth gaps at the same time, keeping the machining allowance on the gear profile down to a minimum.

ISO application area


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