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Finishing disc cutters Finished gears in one pass

​This finishing disc cutter creates gear profiles with involute forms with or without protuberance on internal and external gear wheels. Ground inserts adapted to the gear tooth profile will generate high precision results. And thanks to high performance insert grades and geometries, you can use the tools for both roughing out the majority of the material in the tooth gap and for creating a quality profile finish.



  • Short machining time since the same tool can do both roughing and finishing
  • Variety of high-performance insert grades available
  • Reliable and predictable performance with very good tool life



  • Profiles according to DIN 3972-2
  • Tailored to specific gear profiles




Applications include ring gears for planetary gearboxes, slewing rings for wind-power gears, cranes and other heavy equipment.

  • Module range 8–30
  • Roughing, semi-finishing and finishing
  • Spur and helical gears
  • Internal and external cylindrical gears


ISO application area


The ring gear is a typical component for these cutters.

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