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Milling inserts and grades for steel


Customer case CoroMill® 490 with size 14 inserts

Material:Unalloyed steel P1.2.Z.AN (CMC 01.2)
Operation:Face milling
Machine:Mori Seiki NH4000DCG
Tool life

GC4230 GC4330
n, rpm900900
vc, m/min (ft/min)226 (741)226 (741)
vf, mm/min (in/min)1000 (39.3)1000 (39.3)
fz, mm/z (in/z)0.19 (0.007)0.19 (0.007)
ap, mm (inch)2 (0.079)2 (0.079)
ae, mm (inch)70 (2.75)70 (2.75)
Tool life (components) 32 45
Surface roughness criteria reached


Customer case CoroMill® 331

Component:Screw blank
Material:High-alloy steel P3.0.Z.AN (CMC 03.11)
Machine:Mori Seiki machining centre

GC4230 GC4330
InsertN331.1A-08 45 08M-PMN331.1A-08 45 08M-PM
n, rpm246246
vc, m/min (ft/min)98 (322)98 (322)
vf, mm/min (in/min)156 (6.15)156 (6.15)
fz, mm/z (in/z)0.127 (0.005)0.127 (0.005)
ap, mm (inch)10 (0.394)10 (0.394)
ae, mm (inch)12.7 (0.5)12.7 (0.5)
Tool life (components) 40 40
Stopped at same number of components


Customer case CoroMill® 345

Component:Pipe plate
Material:Low-alloy steel P2.2.Z.AN (CMC 02.1), flame cut
Operation:Face milling
Tool life

GC4240 GC4340
n, rpm556556
vc, m/min (ft/min)188 (617)188 (617)
vf, mm/min (in/min)1944 (76.5)1944 (76.5)
fz, mm/z (in/z)0.5 (0.019)0.5 (0.019)
ap, mm (inch)4 (0.157)4 (0.157)
ae, mm (inch)70 (2.76)70 (2.76)
MRR cm3/min (in3/min)544 (33.2)544 (33.2)
Tool life (min)2026


Customer case CoroMill® 745

Component:Stub axle
Material:Low-alloy steel P2.5.Z.HT (CMC 02.1)
Operation:Face milling
Machine:Jyoti (ISO-50)
Tool life

GC4230 GC4330
n, rpm637637
vc, m/min (ft/min)216 (708)216 (708)
vf, mm/min (in/min)917 (36.1)917 (36.1)
fz, mm/z (in/z)0.21 (0.0082)0.21 (0.0082)
ap, mm (inch)3.5 (0.138)3.5 (0.138)
ae, mm (inch)70 (2.76)70 (2.76)
Tool life (components)4057

Performance: CoroMill® 390 with size 07 inserts

To achieve acceptable component quality, maximum cutting depth was restricted in this application. After switching to CoroMill 390 cutter with size 07 inserts, the cutting depth could be increased, generating higher productivity. With GC1130 inserts the tool life was improved by 47%, significantly reducing cost per component. 



 tool life


Component Die and mould
Workpiece material P2.5.Z.HT
Operation Slot and pocket milling
GC1130 Existing solution
​Tool R390-012A12-07M
Insert ​390R-070204M-PM 1130
zn 3​3
n rpm4005​3979
vc m/min (ft/min)151 (495)​150 (492)
vf mm/min (in/min)853 (33.583)​900 (35.433)
fz mm (inch)0.07 (0.003)​0.075 (0.003)
ap mm (inch)1.5 (0.059)​1 (0.039)
ae mm (inch)12 (0.472)​12 (0.472)
Result Tool life 44 minutes ​Tool life 30 minutes

Performance: Slot and shoulder milling with long overhang

Unstable conditions with long overhang, combined with a forged surface and coolant were causing some challenges for the insert tool life in this application. Surface quality issues, caused by flaking of the coating, set the limitation on insert tool life. By exchanging the existing solution with GC1130 inserts, flaking was significantly reduced and 57% more components could be machined. 



tool life

Component Rear spindle
Workpiece material P2.5.Z.HT
Operation Slot and shoulder milling
GC1130 Existing solution
Tool ​R390-020A20-11M
Insert ​R390-11 T3 08M-PM 1130
zn 3​3
n rpm2400​2400
vc m/min (ft/min)151 (495)​151 (495)
vf mm/min (in/min)864 (34.016)​864 (34.016)
fz mm (inch)0.12 (0.005)​0.12 (0.005)
ap mm (inch)3.5 (0.138)​3.5 (0.138)
ae mm (inch)20 (0.787)​20 (0.787)
Result Tool life 440 components ​Tool life 280 components

Performance: Shoulder milling in unalloyed steel

Thermal cracks and flaking were causing short insert tool life. Inserts in grade GC1130 were introduced to tackle the problem. Conducted tests have shown that these inserts lasted much longer with a lot less wear than the existing solution, resulting in reduced costs and improved security.




Component Plate, General Engineering
Workpiece material P1.1.Z.AN
Operation Shoulder milling
​GC1130 Existing solution
Tool ​490-044C4-08H
Insert ​490R-08T308M-PM 1130
zn 6​6
n rpm1912​1912
vc m/min (ft/min)264 (866)​264 (866)
vf mm/min (in/min)1722 (67.795)​1722 (67.795)
fz mm (inch)0.15 (0.006)​0.15 (0.006)
ap mm (inch)1.5 (0.059)​1.5 (0.059)
ae mm (inch)22 (0.866)​22 (0.866)
Result Not worn out after 42 minutes ​Tool life 42 minutes

Performance: Face milling of connecting rod

In this application the currently used insert was worn out after 27 minutes. Thermal cracks and chipping of the insert caused bad surface quality and could result in potential insert breakage. In order to tackle the challenge, GC1130 inserts were tested, reaching 100% longer tool life and improved production economy. 



tool life
Component Connecting rod
Workpiece material P2.2.Z.AN
Operation Face milling
​GC1130 Existing solution
Tool ​R390-032A32-17L
Insert ​R390-17 04 31M-PM 1130
zn 2​2
n rpm2636​2636
vc m/min (ft/min)265 (869)​265 (869)
vf mm/min (in/min)791 (31.142)​791 (31.142)
fz mm (inch)0.15 (0.006)​0.15 (0.006)
ap mm (inch)5 (0.197)​5 (0.197)
ae mm (inch)26 (1.024)​26 (1.024)
Result Worn out after 54 minutes ​Worn out after 27 minutes

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