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Boring and reaming tools

Coromant Capto® modular tooling system

For best stability and hole quality use Coromant Capto® system as a modular interface to combine adaptors, extensions and machine interface adaptors for greater flexibility. Reduce inventory and tool investment cost for all metal cutting operations.

Solving vibration for boring operations

Silent Tools™ solution helps to reduce vibration tendencies when machining with long overhang. It also boosts productivity with the possibility to increase the depth of cut with an excellent surface finish. Suitable for both roughing and finishing operations.

Boring inserts and grades

From roughing to finishing, we have the optimized inserts you need for successful boring operations.


Next generation rough boring tools

The new generation of CoroBore® rough boring tools provides you high-end productivity in all your rough boring operations.

Customized boring solutions with short delivery time

CoroBore® BC Tailor Made boring program lets you build one tool for up to four boring operations. Receive an instant quotation including price, delivery time and proposal drawings – with much shorter delivery times than for engineered solutions.

Multi-edge solution for cavity boring

CoroBore® BR30 rough boring tool is available with four to eight cutting edges. Optimized for cavities and flow bores offering high metal removal rates and high productivity.

Fine boring tools with Silent Tools™ technology

With a Silent Tools™ damper built closer to the cutting edge and a fine boring head in aluminium with reduced length, CoroBore® 825 offers higher performance and increased productivity.

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