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Multi-task machines

How to get the best machining results

Selecting the right chuck

Need help deciding which chuck is best suited to your job? Read our overview of the different types of chucks, including the new generation of hydraulic chucks, and our recommendations on how to get the most out of them.

Knowledge through e-learning

Want to know how to improve productivity and use the tools? Learn the fundamentals in metal cutting by using our e-learning programme.

How much can you save?

If you want to calculate your return on investment, or find out how you can maximize your earnings, our productivity calculators will give you the answers you need.

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Solutions for spindle interfaces

Coromant Capto® is our most common interface for multi-task machines. Its simultaneous face and taper contact makes it strong in all applications: milling, drilling and turning. Its modular design and range of connections and sizes provides unlimited solutions for all spindle interfaces.

Horizontal multi-task machines

The horizontal milling/turning machine is based on a lathe design, with the component rotating around a horizontal axis with the B-axis spindle above holding stationary and rotating tools. Find out what to consider before you begin.

Vertical multi-task machines

The vertical milling/turning machine has the component - normally larger in diameter than for a horizontal multi-task machine - rotating around the vertical axis. Read our overview of how to succeed when combining multiple applications.

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