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Turning centres and lathe tools

How to get the best machining results

Machining long overhangs the right way

You can't avoid vibration entirely in metal cutting operations, but there are several ways to reduce it. Our Silent Tools® guide will help you productively machine with minimized vibration.

Flat bed lathe optimization

Heavy duty and flat bed lathes have extremely high stability but more limited tool changing and indexing compared to vertical lathes. Read our recommendations for turret configuration and deep hole machining.

Turning centre configuration

When configuring your turning centre, there are several machine options to consider depending on the type of component you are producing. Read our recommendations on how to get the best results.

Vertical turning centres

The vertical turning centre evolved as a cross hybrid from the turning centre and the vertical lathe. Read our recommendations for both the machine and tools to optimize your processes.

Configuring your vertical lathe

The vertical mill/turn machine has the component rotating around the vertical axis. To succeed with combining multiple and complex applications, we present some key options that should be considered.

Knowledge through e-learning

Want to know how to improve productivity and use the tools? Learn the fundamentals in metal cutting by using our e-learning programme.

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