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Rough boring tools


Next generation rough boring tools

The new generation of CoroBore® rough boring tools provides you high-end productivity in all your rough boring operations.

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Increase productivity with Silent Tools™

Watch our Silent Tools™ for boring in action. The video takes a 3D look inside so you can see the internal machining process.

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Large-diameter boring

CoroBore® XL is a boring tool system for large-diameter boring. New bridges and holders enable both fine and rough boring with precise results and optimal productivity.

New machining method

SpiroGrooving™ is a simple yet sophisticated process for making grooves for sealing rings. The method uses a spirograph tool path to create close-tolerance seal ring grooves in a very reliable and productive way.

Large diameters with CoroBore Lightweight

Boring large-diameter holes and deep holes requires rigid assemblies, increasing total assembly weight substantially. This creates challenges when it comes to magazine limitations and tool handling.

Interpolation turning with CoroBore XL

Interpolation turning is a new, flexible turning method developed for advanced machining centres and B-axis multi-task machines.

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