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Shoulder milling tools, edging tools


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Lightweight CoroMill® 390

Lightweight CoroMill® 390 is the first milling cutter produced with additive manufacturing. See how it performs when working with long overhangs.

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Small diameter end mills

CoroMill® 390 with small diameters combines all of our milling expertise into one versatile milling tool. Due to the small size 07 inserts, a high cutter-teeth density delivers trouble-free milling with superior productivity.

Raising productivity in the aerospace industry

Challenge: How to meet the demands of machining titanium airframe components?

Shoulder milling with long overhang

Many components and machine tools require long tool assemblies to reach down in large components. Vibration risk is high and the remedy is either slow machining or damped tools.

With Silent Tools, chatter and vibration are eliminated, the machining rate can be increased and process security improved.

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