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Threading tools

The ingenious locking interface

iLock™ is a secure locking interface between the insert and tool holder that prevents the cutting forces from affecting the tool position. This results in high dimensional accuracy, long tool life, and good chip control.

Threading inserts and grades

Threads created by thread milling, thread turning, tapping or thread whirling must meet and exceed the rigorous standards and tolerances set by the oil and gas, automotive, medical and aerospace industries. Find the insert and/or grade here for achieving high quality thread profiles with excellent chip control and surface finish.

Customize your tools today

Registered web users can now customize their tools for free, using our new online service.

A tool for every task

Click on the links below for complete product overviews, tips and success stories for each machining area.


Reducing vibration

Vibration is one of the most common challenges in thread turning, damaging productivity as well as thread quality. Review the most common causes and solutions in our troubleshooting section.

Ultra-rigid thread turning with precision coolant

CoroThread® 266 guarantees excellent insert stability for ultimate accuracy, surface finish and product consistency. The precision over and under coolant solution improves process security and ensures high machining efficiency in all external thread turning operations.

Optimize your tool path

Use the CoroPlus® ToolPath software to secure maximum output for your internal and external thread turning operations. Try out the one-month free trial of the CoroPlus® ToolPath software and see it for yourself!

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