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QS™ holding system

Quick change with QS™ holding system

  1. Untighten screw, take out holder
  2. Index the insert
  3. Place, tighten the screw and start producing components

How to apply QS™ holding system

  1. Remove conventional wedge
  2. Replace with two QS™ wedges
  3. Adjust insert edge position and clamp short holder with QS™ wedge
  4. Clamp stop in contact with short holder using the other wedge
  5. Connect the coolant

Machine configurations

Get tips on how to configure your sliding head machine and other good to know information when it comes to this machine type.

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How to assemble and disassemble the coolant kit

How to assemble

  1. Make sure the end of the hose is not damaged (a slight ring mark from earlier assembly is OK). If the end is damaged, use a sharp knife to cut a clean undamaged end.
  2. Push in the undamaged end of the hose firm​ly into the bottom of the M6 banjo fitting.
  3. Assemble the M6 fitting, including the hose, to the QS-HP stop and fit it in the machine and firmly tighten.
  4. Assemble the machine side hose connection, machine fitting and copper washer in the machine and firmly tighten.
  5. Measure the required length of the hose. Make sure to consider maximum tool movement and a minimum bend radius of 75 mm (3 inch). Also allow a bit longer hose if it is expected to be frequently disassembled-reassembled in order to be able to cut the end if damaged.

    Note: A hose that is too long has a higher risk of being damaged in the machine by chips.

  6. Cut the hose to length with a sharp knife.
  7. Push in the undamaged end of the hose firmly into the bottom of the machine side fitting

How to disassemble

Hold the ring of the quick disconnect fitting very firmly towards the fitting (away from the hose) and while holding the ring, pull the hose out from the fitting. Some force may be required.

Note: Inspect the coolant kit regularly to identify any damages. In case of damages on the hose, replace it. Apply Teflon tape to any leakages in the screw fittings.

M6 banjo fitting


Wedges for QS™ holding system

What wedge to use depends on machine brand, model and shank size. Use this table to find the suitable wedge for your sliding head machine.

Wedge Machine brand Model Shank size
ISO metric ANSI inch
QS-150 Tsugami BH 38 1616 10 (5/8)
QS-160 Tsugami BS 32/BS 20 1616 10 (5/8)
For front position
Tsugami S 205/S 206/S 207 1212 08 (1/2)
QS-140 HP
For back position
Tsugami S 205/S 206/S 207 1212 08 (1/2)
For front position
Tsugami B0,BS,BU,BM,BN,BA and BW models 1212,1616 08 (1/2),10 (5/8)
QS-410 Hanwa XD 20H,J/XD 26H 1212 08 (1/2)
QS-450 Hanwa XD 32H 1616 10 (5/8)
QS-10 Citizen R04/R07 808 6 (3/8)
QS-20 Citizen A16,C12,K12,K16,L16,L20 1010 6
QS-30 Citizen A20,B20,C16,C20,C32,K12,K16,L16,L20 1212  
QS-30A Citizen A20,B20,C16,C20,C32,K12,K16,L16,L20   08 (1/2)
QS-31 Citizen L16 VIII, L720 1212  
QS-31A Citizen L16 VIII, L720   08 (1/2)
QS-40 Citizen L32,M20,M32 1616  
QS-40A Citizen L32,M20,M32   10 (5/8)
QS-31 Doosan PUMA ST20G 1212  
QS-40 Doosan PUMA ST32G 1616  
QS-130 Tornos Delta 12/20 1212,1616 08 (1/2),10 (5/8)
QS-230 Nexturn SA20 1212  
QS-230A Nexturn SA20   08 (1/2)
QS-240 Nexturn SA26 1616 10 (5/8)
(For back position and front position for parting off tools)
Star SB-16,SC20,SE12/16 1010 6 (3/8)
SE16B,SR16,SR20,SR20R 1212 08 (1/2)
S25/32J 1616 10 (5/8)
(For front position for turning tools)  
Star SB-16,SC20,SE12/16 1010 6 (3/8)
SE16B,SR16,SR20,SR20R 1212 08 (1/2)
S25/32J 1616 10 (5/8)
For front position
Star SB16, SV30 1010 6 (3/8)
For back position
Star SB16, SV30 1010 6 (3/8)
QS-361 Star SB20R 1212 08 (1/2)

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