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CoroReamer® 830 is a modular designed tool with replaceable cutting head, easy to change while still in the machine tool spindle. The cutting head is located in the holder by a precision made tapered coupling for highest concentricity and repeatability with a radial run-out of 3µm (120µinch)



  • High surface finish and operation security
  • High penetration rate
  • Fast and easy head change with high accuracy < 3µm (120µinch)



  • Boring range: 10–31.75 mm (0.394-1.250 inch)
  • Achievable hole tolerance: H7
  • Brazed cermet inserts in grade P10R
  • Effective chip evacuation by directing cutting fluid at each edge
  • Short and long shank options
  • Head change



  • For steel, nodular cast iron and malleable cast iron materials
  • Through holes, angled surface and cross hole
ISO application area




Head change

Clamping and releasing of the cutting head is carried out by turning the clamping mechanism only a quarter of a turn using a hexagonal key.

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