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Silent Tools

Application guide

Silent Tools has long been the trademark for tool holders, designed to minimize vibration with a dampening system inside the tool body. The majority of Silent Tools customers use them for long overhangs and poor accessibility. However, great productivity increases and surface quality improvements are to be gained, even for shorter overhangs.

It is not possible to avoid vibration entirely in metal cutting operations, but there are various ways of reducing it. This application guide will help you reach productive machining with minimized vibration.

We will go through application techniques, how to avoid costly mistakes when machining with long overhangs and machining principles, as well as recommendations and troubleshooting for the most common operations and applications in the areas of turning, milling and boring.

Vibration is often the ​limiting parameter in gaining high output in the machine; e.g. turn down speed, feed, and depth of cut. By using dampened Silent Tools you can increase the cutting parameters and at the same time get a more secure and vibration free process with close tolerances, good surface and much higher metal removal rate, which in summary gives you a lower cost per component.

Enjoy the silence!


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