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Silent Tools

Engineered solution

The standard off-the-shelf boring bar offer represents a good platform for optimized solutions and high productivity. When a tailor made solution is needed, engineered versions of dampened boring bars are available for order.

The engineered dampened boring bars are often tapered, elliptical and/or curved, with the mounting adapted to the machine. Bars with overhangs of up to 14 x BD are available.


Turning-, milling- and boring adapters can be engineered with most of the common back- and front-end couplings.


  • Coromant Capto
  • HSK
  • MAS BT
  • VDI
  • VTL
  • DIN 2080
  • ISO 7388/1
  • Cylindrical


  • CoroTurn SL
  • CoroTurn SL quick change
  • DuoBore
  • CoroBore 825
  • Arbor

Engineered adapters come with diameters ranging from 10–600 mm (0.394-23.62 inch). For turning adapters, the overhang ratio is up to 14 x BD, while the milling and boring adaptors have overhang ratios up to 10 x BD.

For best performance and highest possible static stiffness in the bar body and a damping system, the tools are are designed for defined applications.


Special solutions for multi-task machine tools

As multi-task machines are equipped with all the necessary tooling when performing a complete machining in one set-up, they have to store both short and long tool holders in the tool magazine, plus all the cutting units needed for performing the complete operations.

A range of long boring bars, with a manual or an automatic front-clamp system is available for the most common machines supplied by Mazak, WFL, Mori-Seiki, Niles–Simmons, Weingärtner, DMG and Okuma.

Ask your yellow coat representative to help you order your engineered solution.

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