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​​​​Silent Tools is the trademark for a family of tool adaptors for turning, milling and boring. The tool adaptors are designed to minimize vibrations through a damper inside the tool. The majority of Silent Tools customers’ use these tools for long overhangs. However, even with shorter overhangs, large productivity increases and surface quality improvements are to be gained.

Whether you increase your metal removal, improve your surface finish, secure your process or reduce your production costs you will certainly enjoy the silence. 



Silent Tools damped boring bars and adaptors make it possible to maintain good productivity and close tolerances also for long tool overhangs beyond 3 x bar diameter. Silent Tools damped steel bars make it possible to machine up to 10 x bar diameter, and our damped carbide reinforced bars go even higher; up to 14 x bar diameter tool overhang. 

For the turning area, the damped adaptor can be combined with different CoroTurn SL cutting heads:





In many machining centres the components and machine tools require long tool assemblies to reach down in large components. Vibration risk is high and the remedy is either slow machining or damped tools.
With Silent Tools milling adaptors chatter and vibrations are eliminated, the machining rate can be increased and process security improved. Silent Tools for milling are productivity boosters.


Problems that originate from vibrations are frequently encountered in boring and other operations, especially when machining with long overhangs. The vibrations may cause bad surface texture, insufficient accuracy, and loss of productivity, increased insert and machine tool wear, as well as noise.
Solving vibration problems will therefore always give you a productivity boost.

For the boring area, it is possible to combine different CoroBore concepts:

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