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Silent Tools™ for turning

Reduce vibration with Silent Tools™ unique damping technology

Silent Tools is an anti-vibration technology that enables internal turning with long overhangs. Solutions are available for reach lengths up to 14 times bar diameter.

Productivity gains

​By using Silent Tools, productivity gains of up to 50% for shorter boring bars and up to 400% for longer overhang lengths are possible.

CoroTurn® SL adaptor interface

​CoroTurn SL is a modular system with exchangeable cutting heads, allowing you to create a wide range of tool combinations from a small inventory of adaptors and cutting heads.

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  • Internal coolant through the bar
  • Improved surface finish
  • Improved process security
  • Improved chip evacuation
  • Reduced cost per component

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  • General internal turning, parting & grooving, threading
  • Cutting data can be increased substantially due to reduced vibration
  • Productivity increase from 3 × bar diameter
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

CoroTurn® 107 and CoroTurn® 111 damped boring bar

Coromant Capto® to CoroTurn® SL damped adaptor

Cylindrical shank to CoroTurn® SL damped adaptor

Silent Tools™ + sensor-equipped turning adaptor

Cylindrical shank to Coromant Capto® damped adaptor

Elliptical damped adaptor for valve seat pocket machining

Silent Tools™ are bars and adaptors with highly advanced dampening qualities. The tools enable productive and stable machining in turning operations. Within the assortment, you will find steel adaptors that enable machining up to 10 x bar diameter, carbide reinforced adapters optimized for overhangs up to 14 x bar diameter, and also dedicated carbide adaptors for narrow entries and hard-to-reach seats.

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Component solution

Elliptical adaptors are tailored for the machining of valve seat pockets. With these adaptors and light-weight cutting heads, you overcome challenges such as narrow entries and long overhangs.

Silent Tools for milling

Many components and machine tools require long milling tool assemblies to reach into large components. Vibration risk is high and the remedy is slow machining or damped tools.

Silent Tools for boring

Problems that originate from vibrations are frequently encountered in boring when machining with long overhangs. Damped tools can solve vibration issues and improve boring performance.

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