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Ensure your machine starts making money instantly


Buying a new machine is a large investment that will hopefully pay you back in increased productivity, better machine utilization and lower cost per machined part. Make the best out of your investment by acquiring a start-up tool kit to ensure that your machine starts making money for you instantly.

We have assembled 66 different start-up tool kits for the most common turning centers, machining centers and sliding head machines. Each kit consists of typical tools plus inserts. Select the right tool kit for your needs by clicking on the tab above.

Did you purchase a start-up tool kit with your new machine? Congratulations! We’ll help you optimize your set-up right away. To the right, we have compiled useful tips and tricks that will get you started quickly.



"I like to say that if we were manufacturing pens, we wouldn't just be delivering pens, but also teaching​ the art of writing."

Klas Forsström, President
Sandvik Coromant

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