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Stable insert clamping

It is very important to have a stable clamping while turning difficult-to-machine materials. T-Max offers stable clamping for both insert without hole and with dimple-hole.


High performing grades

With our latest Ceramic and solid CBN grades you can increase the cutting speeds to achieve higher metal removal rates and maximize production output.

Reliable and secure machining

Wide assortment of V-bottom and double-sided flat inserts and modern grades have strong edges that offer reliable and secure machining for all roughing to finishing operations.

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Application area

External and internal turning

  • Longitudinal turning
  • Face turning
  • Profiling and pocketing
  • Roughing to finishing
  • Cast iron
  • Heat resistant super alloys
  • Hardened materials

Product range

Coromant Capto®


C3, C4, C5 and C6

Shank tools


Metric- 25x25 to 50x40
Inch – 3/4 to 1 1/2

CoroTurn® SL70 heads


Cutting depth maximum
(CDX): 18 – 75

Boring bars

25 to 40


  • All types of insert shapes and sizes
  • Geometries and grades for roughing to finishing application areas
  • Insert grades available in advanced cutting materials CBN and ceramic

Tool description

T-Max® is designed for productive external and internal turning of difficult to machine materials. It resists wear for secure and stable machining and offers longer tool life. Performs multiple operations from roughing to finishing offering higher metal removal rates for increased production.


Aerospace engine-component solutions

Checkout the outstanding offer in total component solutions for the aerospace industry. Ceramic turning grades CC6220 and CC6230 are designed specifically for the challenges of new HRSA materials where whisker ceramics and SiAlONs fall short.

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CoroTurn SL70 for profiling and pocketing

CoroTurn SL70 was developed for large diameter component features requiring profiling and grooving. The coupling is oval providing extreme rigidity combined with excellent accessibility. Clearance is applied to the blades for axial as well as internal machining so each blade can be used in any configuration.

Struggling to find the right tool?

Let CoroPlus® ToolGuide help with quick and accurate tool recommendations – on all your devices!

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