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45° entering angle and strong inserts enable machining under demanding conditions and at long overhangs. Large parallel lands and secondary cutting edges provide effective back-cutting facility.



  • Spring-loaded insert clamping system for quick and easy insert change 
  • Possibility to adjust the axial run-out within 5 micro for close tolerance machining



  • Arbor mounting
  • Axially adjustable within 5 μm (200 μin)
  • Positive/negative rake geometry
  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials
  • Wiper insert for improved surface finish



  • Roughing to semi-finishing face milling applications
  • Diameter range: 100–400 mm (3.937–12.402 inch)
  • Insert: ±13 μm (±520 μinch)
  • Shim: ±10 μm (±400 μinch)
  • Basic setting: ±5 μm (±200 μinch)

A new T-Max 45, delivered from stock, has a maximum tolerance of 5+26=31 μm (0.200+1.040=1.240 μinch).

In a cutter, in which one or more shims have been changed without carrying out a new basic setting, the maximum tolerance is 5+26+20 = 51 μm (200+1.040+800 = 2.040 μinch).

ISO application area









Axial adjustment
The cutter is axially adjustable within 5 μm (200 μin). Axial adjustment can be performed by two screws acting against the tab on the back of the shim. In case of damage, the shim can normally be replaced without influencing axial setting.


Insert setting
The inserts are designed for specific seats:

​Wiper in correct seat

LNCX in correct seat (cannot be mounted in a wiper seat)


Diameter mm (inch)​ Insert size​ APMX, mm (inch)
100-400 (3.937-15.748)​ 18​ 12 (0.472)​
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