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T-Max Q-cut® is a universal single edge system for parting off, grooving and internal face grooving, suitable for parting off large components and deep grooving applications.


  • Excellent surface finish due to wiper technology
  • Proven, versatile system
  • Large variety of widths


  • Dedicated geometries and grades for all materials
  • V-clamped 1-edged insert for good stability
  • Tailor Made inserts available


  • Dedicated geometries and grades for all materials
  • Suitable for mixed production
  • For long overhangs and parting off big components
  • Do not use T-Max Q-cut for turning operations

Application areas:



T-Max Q-Cut 151.2 for deep parting and grooving
T-Max Q-Cut 151.3 for internal machining and small diameter face grooving

​Wear resistance

Stable conditions​
Unstable conditions​

Undercutting with T-Max Q-Cut
  • For undercutting operations with large clearance depths use T-Max Q-Cut -4U geometry.
  • For small clearance depths, CoroCut 1-2 is a better choice.

Tool holding

There is a wide range of different tool holders available for T-Max Q-Cut:

  • Coromant Capto (size C3-C8)
  • Cylindrical shanks
  • Rectangular shanks
  • SL heads
  • Parting blades

By using CoroTurn SL adaptors and T-Max Q-Cut cutting blades for insert types 151.2 and 151.3 you will get a very large number of tool solutions, both for external and internal use.

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