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​T-Max Twin-Lock® is designed for the oil & gas industry, primarily in areas of high volume, such as threading in tubing, casing and coupling production. It also covers connection threads where indexing accuracy, reliability of insert edge and repeatability are essential.



  • Productive threading with multi-tooth inserts
  • Excellent indexing accuracy and repeatability
  • Edge security



  • Sharp cutting edges for high quality threads
  • Thread profiles for API Round Vee and API Buttress



  • Optimized for steel
  • Minimum hole diameter 60 mm. (2.36 inch)
  • Insert geometries and grades for all materials apart from ISO H
  • Suits the varying aspects and requirements of the oil related industry, primarily for use in the high volume area of tubing, casing and coupling production.
  • Use for tool joint and rotary shouldered connection threads
ISO application area






  • GC1125 All round grade suitable for ISO P, M, K, N, S materials
  • GC4125 optimized for steel
  • All-round geometry
Tool holding
T-Max Twin-Lock is available with:
  • SL head, coupling size 40
  • Shank tool, size 32 x 32
  • Cartridge with lever design

Product range

  • Oil & gas
    • API 60°
    • API Buttress
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