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T-Max U stack drill is optimized for stack drilling – a method used for drilling large numbers of holes through thin plates. When the drill breaks through a stacked plate, it creates a minimal disc that is evacuated along the chip channel.



  • Productive stack drilling
  • Efficient chip evacuation



  • Indexable insert drill
  • Chip channel for maximized chip evacuation
  • Drill diameter: 27-59 mm (1.063-2.323)
  • Drill depth: 2.5 x DC



  • Typical applications include the drilling of baffle plates for heat exchangers and components for bridges
  • For low carbon steel and stainless steel materials
ISO application area






Minimizing the gap between the stacked plates is crucial for successful stack and drilling. This can be done by clamping or welding the plates together.
A good common practice is to insert industrial paper (thickness of approx.
0.5-1 mm (0.020-0.039 inch)) between the plates to level out any irregularities and to dampen vibrations.


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