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Metal cutting e-learning - metal working courses

Metal cutting e-learning
Share knowledge through online training

The ever-changing world of manufacturing requires constant application to keep metal cutting skills fresh. Our free metal cutting e-learning will help you learn the basics and keep up with the latest techniques and technology.

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Learn metal cutting

Competence in metal cutting is in short supply worldwide, and demand is growing for education to meet the complexity of modern manufacturing. That is why we would like to share the world’s first comprehensive e-learning for metalworking skills. E-learning is cost-efficient, and you can take the courses anywhere at any time, at your convenience.

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How it works

The Sandvik Coromant metal cutting e-learning is based on our 360-page Metal cutting Technology training handbook, available in Publications​ for you to download or read online. In adapting the material for the Web, we have broken it into short training courses including animations, voice over, video clips and texts. The focus is to understand terms and definitions and how to apply tools for turning, milling, boring and tool holding. Participants get an understanding of the basics of production economics and how to improve productivity and profitability.

Standard or tailored

The e-learning is divided into nine chapters and 75 short courses. It covers theory and application within the following areas:

  • Machinability (work piece materials and cutting tool materials)
  • Turning
  • Parting & Grooving
  • Threading
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Boring
  • Toolholding
  • Other information (machining economy and maintenance)

Select what chapters to study. For those who master the course in its entirety, we offer a certificate of completion. Count on a total of two to three days to complete the entire e-learning.

Metal Cutting Technology e-learning  

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