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Application Center

From Google to our Application Center test lab
Application Center

When your engineers are searching for solutions they often Google to find possible answers. They may find long academic papers on the subject, but that step from theory to the real world is not always among the search results.

Increasingly you are coming to Sandvik Coromant when the problem is three quarters defined. Maybe Google brought you to one of our many YouTube technical films. The next step may be a trip to one of our Application Centers.

First-class expertise

Companies in the metal cutting industry do not always have the perfect set-up for experimentation. Sandvik Coromant customers have access to industrial laboratories led by experts in the industry.

First in the industry

Sandvik Coromant was the first company in the cutting tool industry to establish Application Centers. At the centers we develop new processes and solutions so that you can find the optimum point where maximum productivity meets minimum cost.

The centers are high-tech facilities providing total component solutions. You work with dedicated teams of manufacturing specialists and development and process engineers, including CAM programmers. The machines and software are state of the art. Your project is guaranteed confidentiality. Without interruption to production you can:

  • Test new materials and processes
  • Develop and implement new solutions
  • Take part in joint R&D projects
  • Create new tools (engineered solutions).

Our first Application Center was formed in 2007. Since then the response from customers and partners has been overwhelmingly positive. Eight centers were up and running by 2013. Our aim is add to that number to accommodate your needs.

How it works

After a feasibility study, we present a proposal for optimized tool layout, application methods and machining strategies. In a process validation phase, we simulate and verify the process and provide training. We give detailed documentation. Finally, we implement the turnkey solution – complete and ready to use – at your facility, we get our hands dirty together, setting things up so that we see the process in operation. You reap the benefits right from the start.

Three questions on Application CentersAlso read what Business Development Manager Bruno Gardes have to say about how Application Centers can help and what a typical project may look like.

Application center

Application Centers

Our Application Centers service all kinds of industries. Most centers have extra experience in a specific field, e.g. aerospace or automotive. 

Application Center
Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA

Application Center
Sandviken, Sweden

Application Center
Pune, India

Application Center
Shanghai, China
Die and mould

Application Center
Birmingham, UK

Application Center
Orleans, France

Application Center
Stuttgart, Germany

Application Center
Halesowen, UK
Deep Hole Machining

​A good investment

Sandvik Coromant helped a mid-sized Swedish manufacturing company reduce the planned production time with more than 60 percent.

Save time and money with the right tool


Return on investment?

Find out what a difference a Sandvik Coromant solution can have on your annual profit. Try our online ROI calculator – it will show you the benefits of smart machine tooling.

Payback calculator


The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

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