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Process engineering

​​​​Overcome the obstacles to optimization
Process engineering

​Your company wants to shorten lead times and speed up processes and you know your engineers can do it – but when? Sandvik Coromant offers process engineering know-how that can release untapped potential.

Your company already has a lean engineering staff. They are first-rate but busy. The optimization projects are chugging along and the process improvement gains remain to be harvested. You want a catalyst and Sandvik Coromant can provide it.

We helped, for example, a major aerospace engine manufacturer reduce the machining time for a key component from 16 hours to 5.5 hours. Ask us about your industry and we can find a non-proprietary example to sharpen and inspire your analysis. It is not uncommon for a company to save tens of millions of dollars each year. We also provide other services, such as education to raise the skills of your workforce. 

A platform designed to improve

Tools are at the heart of manufacturing. Along with our skills and long experience in all kinds of industries, we have a superb platform to provide a wider scope of services. That is why we have created a global network of Application Centers, Productivity Centers and Research and Development facilities. They enable us to offer you process engineering.

Our R&D has earned us a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the world. At our Productivity Centers, we demonstrate various technical solutions. We also provide education in machine operation, programming, and tools and processes. We educate some 30,000 people every year. Your colleagues and company could be among the beneficiaries.

High quality

At our Application Centers we help solve your issues. The staff has the best machines, software and instruments. Typically we work in teams. Often, a machine toolmaker and Sandvik Coromant engage in a dialogue with representatives from your company to find or create the best solutions. Our industry is continuously confronting new materials that require experimentation with inserts and processes. You may need a new set-up to save time in the production of a component. On other occasions we may develop completely new tools to meet your challenge.

The Application Centers work closely with our R&D department. You benefit from the latest in research, and we benefit by being closely involved in your development. We are always eager to find out more about your needs, both now and in the future. We want the honor of playing on your team and we intend to earn and keep that privilege by performing on your behalf.


Process engineering

​A good investment

Sandvik Coromant helped a mid-sized Swedish manufacturing company reduce the planned production time with more than 60 percent.

Save time and money with the right tool

Return on investment?

Find out what a difference a Sandvik Coromant solution can have on your annual profit. Try our online ROI calculator – it will show you the benefits of smart machine tooling.

Payback calculator


The CoroPlus® portfolio contains several connected solutions made ready for Industry 4.0.

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