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Save time and money with the right tool

Save time and money with the right tool

​Investing in a new machine is an important decision that will influence your profitability. Having a neutral, knowledgeable adviser in your corner can help ensure you’re making the right choice.

When it is time to buy a new machine tool, manufacturing companies usually go straight to the machine tool maker or their agents. A mid-sized Swedish company that makes filtration devices and other industrial equipment decided to ask Sandvik Coromant to help them recommend a machine tool.

“I’ve been around, and every company sometimes makes a poor choice in machines,” says the Sandvik Coromant service manager. “We can make a difference.” As a toolmaker, we have in-depth knowledge of what tools and processes work best. “We can give good advice on the type of machine tool you need,” he says.

The Swedish company needed to buy three new lathes. “We were asked to help the company choose a machine type and recommend a process for the production of flanges and flasks for a contract job for a major industrial concern,” the Sandvik Coromant service manager says.

Traditionally, the customer would consult with machine tool manufacturers or their agents, but they wanted to try an alternative method.

After studying the design of the components and calculating alternative solutions, the Sandvik Coromant engineering team produced a requirement specification for a machine tool and recommended a process. “On one of the components, we reduced the targeted time for production from nine minutes to three minutes,” he says.

A positive experience

The customer said that before Sandvik Coromant approached him, he didn’t know the company offered this kind of service. He was pleased with the result.

“Letting the toolmaker in at an early stage saves money and increases the chances of getting the best solution,” the customer said. “We are very pleased.”

Are you interested in knowing more about how to optimize your processes by using the right machines and tools? Ask us. We can help.


The company is located in southern Sweden and has 50 employees. It makes cleaning equipment and performs contract manufacturing for various industrial companies.

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